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Do you have some free time? Even a minute? Here is an activity for everyone today:  create a daily reminder to take your medications

Reminder Suggestions:

-Set your cell phone alarm or watch alarm to go off when it is time to take your medication
-Put your pills next to an activity you do every day such as brushing your teeth or making a pot of coffee
-Make a reminder card and put it in a visible place
-Have a family member or friend that you see often remind you

This is a great opportunity to reflect on your lifestyle and habits and figure out what reminder best suits you. Get creative with this activity and come up with a reminder that really expresses who you are and reflects your  lifestyle. After all, we are all unique individuals with varied activities and habits.  You can think outside of the box on this one and utilize visual, audio or interpersonal tools. Share with your friends and loved ones what you come up with and let us know what great ideas you create!

If you have any questions or concerns about your medications, do not hesitate to ask your doctor. Nobody knows you better than you so its important to proactively communicate with them.

Go on and get started with the reminders. Tell your friends and loved ones about the activity too.

Happy reminder-ing!



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